Friday, September 3, 2010

Name Meaning Frame

So I made this almost 3 years ago for a girl that was in my church youth small group. I made one for each of the girls but she couldn't make the party. I've been meaning to give it to her for a LONG while now but I keep forgetting. I'm bad about that...

Anyways... this is it:

I used some plain picture frames I already had. Then I cut some decorative paper to fit. I tried to coordinate it to colors the girls liked. I used my Cricut to cut out the name. I had found a website that showed the Biblical name meaning with a verse. I used that and typed it up and printed. I tried to find that site again but had trouble. You can google and find some other good ones though. I glued that to some other paper then glued it all to the backing.

There I have it. An inspirational name frame. You could really vary this up. Use a quote instead of a verse. Change the layout. The girls who got theirs really seemed to like them. I know one of them (my boyfriend's little sister) has hers up in her room. This makes a great gift that's really customized to them.

Have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

Love it!

melanie_nicholson said...

Great Blog... stopping by from Quality Time Follow me mondat to say Hi and that I'm following you on GFC now;
Would love a visit if you get a chance
Happy Monday

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