Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Changing the Font of Your Titles

Notice something new? That's right! I changed the fonts of my titles, date, and sidebar titles! So how do you do this?

First, well, you need a font you like! I found a TON of great fonts HERE! There's pretty much a font for EVERYONE!

I use the Pea Jenny Script font. I LOVE it :) This is what it looks like:

Kevin and Amanda @ have a great tutorial on how to get your font on your blog. Find that post HERE.

In case you haven't noticed, I absolutely LOVE their site! They have great tutorials, recipes, crafts, and MORE!

Anyways, some tips I have:

- Definitely get the Colorzilla add-on they suggest if you have Firefox! GREAT ADD-ON! I was able to click on colors from my blog to match.

-Change the font sizes. The preset ones in the blogger code you edit at are really large. My titles are 12, dates are 10, and sidebar titles are 6. But this also depends on the font you use. You can edit it from the site and it'll automatically change on your blog!

-Make sure you have some time to do this. It doesn't take, like, FOREVER, but you do need to have some time to sit down and focus on it. You don't want to mess up.

Well I hope this helps! Have a great rest of the week :)


3 Giggly Monsters said...

Hello I am a new follower from TOMT. I would love for you to follow me back at

Krystal said...

I'm following from think of me thursday.

Shopper Gal said...

Hi Courtney, Loving your craft ideas. That chore chart in the glass frame is way too cute!!!
I'm a new follower from Think of me Thursday! Hope you can stop by and say hi :)

Have a great day!!
Shopper Gal

eof777 said...

Hi there,
Just following up to let you know hat I am following you from one of our many blog Hops... :-) I would love to learn more about font changes and all that wonderful HTML stuff.

Smash Bravo Team said...

Hey, we're your newest followers here with the blog hops! I love your mom's philosophy on cooking and I am pretty sure my mothers is almost the exact same. I love to cook, but really only if it's for fun, when I have to cook to feed people, then I get easily irritated. :)

Feel free to drop by our blog anytime, we would love to have you! :)

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for joining our blog party over at Sassy Sites! I always love to see the fun blogs and cute stuff that everyone is working on! Come back next Friday... xoxo

I'm off to change my title fonts! That's something that I've wanted to do for a long time now! Thanks for the great advice!! :)

Tiffanee said...

WOW! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I really need to do some updating on my blog.

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