Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Backgrounds

So if you've been keeping up, you know I recently changed my blog design. Well I went through a few background ideas before I decided on this one. Since I'm not using them, I decided to share them in case anyone else wants to use them.

Now, I already knew I wanted the colors brown and aqua so that's what they all are.

This was my first design. I decided not to use it because, as much as I liked the little flower design, it wasn't me. It's just not my taste.

This was my second design. Again, I like the fancy writing, it's just not me.

This was my third design. Much closer to my taste. I liked it, but decided I wanted the circles on both sides.

So anyways, I just wanted to share these with you guys in case anyone wants to use them. I give my full permission. You may want to save them and make them smaller though. Sometimes they upload too big for the image source.

If you do use them, please let me know so I can see how it looks :)



You could win a custom blog design by me :)

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Have a great FRIDAY!


One Crafty Chick's Creations said...

Popping from Boost my Blog Friday! I am your newest Follower and I can’t wait to read some of your stuff!

Come visit me anytime over at:

Keli said...

OK, this may be a dumb question, but how in the world would I use them? I am HTML stupid and do not have the slightest idea how to do things like that!

Carrie and Mike Groff said...

New follower here stopping by from SassySites Blog Hop today :-) Look forward to getting to know you! Hop on over and check out our blog! We look forward to seeing you!

Carrie A Groff

Fuyume said...

lovely blog im following you through design chic's friday blog hop :)

xxx love from the UK

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

They are all pretty... but I love the one in the middle.. Beautiful!

Come visit me at:

Steph said...

I found your blog through the Sassy Sites Blog Hop and just became your newest follower! Very nice blog you have created here - I love the concept and what I have read so far. I look forward to reading more. I have been trying to figure out a new design for my blog, and as much as I'd like to create one myself in the long run, I think the flower one is awesome! I haven't taken you up on using it yet, but thank you for posting them here. :) If I were to use any of those 3, it would definitely be that one! Looking forward to reading more. :)

LambAround said...

I have been trying really hard to make my own blog background using Scrap Blog (no other design software!) but haven't had much luck. Yours looks fantastic! Any tips? :)

Inspiring You To Save! said...

Those are beautiful. I love anything brown and blue! Visiting from the Blog Hops! Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and a Wandering Wednesday blop hop and I would love if you could join in.

the cape on the corner said...

i love your background with the circles on both sides, and in the header, and even in your signature. i can't handle any of the code stuff to make changes, lol, it gives me a heart attack thinking i'm gonna lose everything. i know people have test blogs, but i don't know.

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