Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19 Spotlight Sunday and BLOG HOP

So I don't have a blog to spotlight today...

So instead, I thought I'd highlight something from every blog that entered my blog hop last week! That's right, if you entered, you're getting featured! I'm checking out every blog and finding something I love to share with you guys... recipes, crafts, giveaways, and MORE!


But real quick...

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1. Cindy, over at Purple Froggie Clay Stuff, is having a GIVEAWAY! Check it out:

You could WIN all this! Handcrafted Polymer Clay custom made by Cindy! And perfect for Halloween :) The giveaway ends 10/23/10. Head over to her blog and check out the giveaway HERE!

2. My BFF Nichole, at Mrs. Lavespere, has posted TWO yummy looking Italian recipes this week. And I'm really looking forward to trying them! I mean, just check out this pizza:

Mmmm... yummy looking right? There's just something about homemade pizza that's just absolutely DELICIOUS! Check out that post HERE and her other Italian post HERE!

3. Ashley, over at The Hillside Home, made a STUNNING fall wreath. Look at this:

GORGEOUS right? Some people are just SO talented! If I tried to make a wreath like that, it would look like you let a 5 year old loose in Micheal's and you have a mess of flowers, glue, ribbons... well, you get the picture. And you think I'm kidding. But seriously, go check out this tutorial! I mean, who wouldn't love such an AMAZING wreath on their front door? Find it out HERE!

4. Over at By Word of Mouth, there's some funny and amusing posts on life. One post in particular caught my attention. It was titled: I Need a Laundry Fairy...

Isn't that so true? I think the big thing at our house is socks. Oh, everyone will jump to fold the towels. That's the easy stuff. But sorting through a big basket of socks and attempting to find a match (and then going "eh... good enough" and pairing two completely different socks)? No one likes that responsibility. Oh... if we could only have a laundry fairy :) See the full post HERE.

4. Wiki, at Wise Words by Wiki, has some advice for a new school year in the most interesting form. Using catch phrases from movies and such! My favorite part?

At the end of the list of advice it says: If you think this is too hard, then here's a little something from Bella Swan. Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair. - Bella Swan, Twilight
Ok, so I'm a big Twilight fan. But it was funny. It's just a creative way to give advice :) She has pictures for everything too. Read the post HERE.

5. Becky, over at Mrs. Betty Rocker, has these MOUTH-WATERING burgers! Just look at this picture:

Um, yea. It's got my mouth drooling again :) I REALLY want to make this! I need to find time to run to the store and get a few things, but as soon as I do... IT'S ON! Mmmm... Check out the recipe HERE so you can drool over it too!

6. Nan, at Be One Fine Day, has some great, authentic Thai recipes and other recipes too! Check out these Baked Pork Spare Ribs with Honey:

Doesn't that look so good? I've never really cooked ribs very much and I think this would be a great recipe to try. That glaze looks absolutely WONDERFUL! See the full post HERE. Oh and did I mention that Nan hosts blog hops twice a week? And posts several other great blog hops!

7. Inspiring You to Save is a great place for those of you looking for coupons, samples, and freebies. They also post some great ideas from other bloggers! Look at what they shared recently:

This amazing artwork is made with scrapbook paper! It's so pretty! Find that post HERE and the original post HERE!

8. Jenn, at A Lil Bird Told Me, shares a really awesome craft! Check this out:

Isn't this so CUTE? It's a magnet Birthday Board. She made it for her mother-in-law and it really is a great gift, especially for moms and grandmas that have lots of b-days to remember! She even shows you different ways to customize your magnets :) I think this is so adorable and it's going on my To-Do list! See her tutorial HERE!

9. Chandre', at Retro Vintage Crafter, made this cute bag to hold her knitting needles:

So FUN! I love the design of the bag! Now, I don't knit (tried that when I was younger... yea, lasted about 2 seconds before I lost my patience), but this would be great as a pencil case, make up bag, travel toiletries bag. There are so many possibilities! Check out her full post HERE!

Ok, now that I've got you hungry and itching to go crafting ;)

On to the BLOG HOP!

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