Thursday, August 5, 2010

Washer Necklace

Ok... I'll jump right up and admit it... I'M A TWILIGHT FAN! And proud of it!

*cough*Team Edward*cough*

Anyways, I had seen this idea for making these stamped washer necklaces over at I'm Just Your Average Mom and fell in love. I knew I wanted to make them so I de
cided that the Eclipse midnight premiere was a great time to do so.

When I checked out her tutorial, I noticed I needed a steel stamp kit that she got at Harbor Freight. And I was in luck! We have a Harbor Freight in my local town! So when I finally
got a chance to get over there I picked one up and it only cost like $5 or $6! Amazing! They're relatively small in size too!

Basically, you need the stamp kit, washers (she recommends 5/16 but I used 3/8 and it was just fine), a hammer, a permanent marker, and something to wipe the washer (she uses a steel wool but a wet rag worked for me). Oh and something to hold the washer would be nice. I didn't have anything and holding it still can be tricky. She uses a jewelry anvil or a bench block.

Then you just hammer the letters into the washer. It takes a little practice to get it right and you have to hammer really hard. It was also tough because I didn't have anything to hold it still except my other hand.

After that, fill in the stamped letters by writing over in permanent marker then wipe off! Presto... you have your stamped washer.

Then I looped some colored twine to finish off the necklace. I did purple for my friend Nichole and I (Team Edward). My mom, her friend, and my friend Tayler got maroon (Team Jacob). We all wore them to the premiere.

I'm posting a (rather blurry because I took it with my iPhone) picture of my necklace. It's a little rough looking because I wore it for like 2 weeks straight after the premiere. I was just so excited about making the necklace! And the movie too! Also, you may have to re-color in the letters as it can fade in the shower and stuff. It only takes like 2 seconds though :)

I just wanted to share this creative idea! I think these would make great gifts too!

Oh, guess what... Tomorrow is FRIDAY! (and look out for a yummy dessert recipe involving my favorite cookies- OREOS!)


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