Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

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I know what you're thinking... two posts in one day?? You bet! I have to catch up for the week I slacked off.

I thought I'd start with a funny story. Because, who doesn't love a good funny story. Especially about kids. And kids say the darnest things :)

So one of my mom's friends, who I am a frequent babysitter for, posted a story on facebook about what her kids said the other day. A little background... she is the proud mommy of 4 children. A (girl) is "6 going on 12" as she puts it. B (boy) is 5. C (boy) is 3. And E (boy) is 2. Yes, wonder mom I know! And she does have the whole alphabet thing going on (her husband's name starts with a D). She's a J and we always pick on her about letters F, G, H, and I. Her kids are so adorable (she's going to have a lot of trouble with them when they get old enough to date). And she always has the funniest stories! She should have her own TV show or at least write a book. She has us rolling laughing all the time!

So anyways... what she posted was:

B: "Dad, how do you spell LSU?"
Dad: "You just spelled it."
B: "First I draw an L?"
C: "Then you draw a shoe."

I'm telling you... her kids are priceless! Some people may not find it that funny but I was having a particular bad day that evening when I read that and it made my whole evening sooo much better!

Well anyways... On to tonight's recipe... Shephard's Pie :)

This is a little different than how I normally make it so I'll note the changes. This is a very versatile recipe in that you can change things and still end up with a great product.

First get your mashed potatoes going. Normally, I make these from scratch but I was feeling particularly lazy tonight so I just used part 4 cheese and part garlic instant mashed potatoes.

Next, cook some ground beef/turkey. I usually use beef but tried turkey this time. I don't think I'm a fan of ground turkey though. There's just nothing like good ole' ground beef... Add seasonings you like. I added dried onions, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and some Cajun Seasoning.

Cook some veggies up. I normally use freezer corn but we had some leftover peas so I just mixed in some corn to use it up. Then I nuked it in the microwave.

Make sure you have enough cheese to please your inner cheesehead :) It doesn't matter what kind.

That's right. I have a 5 lb bag of cheese. Be jealous :)

So now layer your casserole pan. First, meat. Then some cheese. Then veggies. Then some more cheese.

Finish off with the mashed potatoes and enough cheese to your hearts content and toss in a 350 degree preheated oven.

Now, I dropped some cheese on the floor so I had to bring in the food vacuum...

Adorable isn't he :) That's my Meeko! And he's is in dire need of a haircut right now. He's a poodle. I know it's hard to believe he could get any cuter but when he's had a haircut he's even more cute! So I just whistle for him and he cleans up any mess I made. That look he's giving me is the "Please, sissy, drop some more food." And you can't even see his tail because it's wagging so fast!

Well, that's been about enough time after playing with Meeko. It only has to stay in long enough for the cheese to get nice and melted...

Mmm... doesn't it look delicious?

I sliced me up a nice piece and sat down for a nice not-so-homemade meal.

It was pretty good. I think I still prefer the beef and just corn (no peas, please). Hope you enjoy!


Tiffanee said...

Yum! I love Shepherds Pie. Never made it with corn before. Looks delicious!!

Missy Salsa said...

I think I know what I'm making for dinner :) Thanks!

the cape on the corner said...

that looks dee-lish!! stopping over from sassy sites and am enjoying poking around your blog.

Maria Gridley said...

That looks so good! Ive never had shepherds pie before.. but that looks really yummy.. im gonna have to give it a try!

Aunt Peg said...

Can I have your dog? He is sooooo stinkin' cute~great recipe too!

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