Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm super excited about this! As the number of followers increased, I wanted to do something to benefit you as the followers. I know many blogs do something like this but many want something to be donated for a giveaway or something. I just wanted to give my followers an opportunity to showcase their blog for FREE (and really, who doesn't love free stuff?). I want to spotlight a blog every Sunday to give them a chance to get out there more. There are some amazing blogs out there that are yet to be found. This is a great way to make them known!

For the first Spotlight Sunday, I asked my best friend Nichole (aka Mrs. Lavespere) to write up something to spotlight her blog. We met a few years ago and really became good friends after she invited me to come watch Heroes over at the local college. The rest is history. But I'll let her tell you more about herself...

Hi! I’m Nic from Mrs. Lavespere! Courtney asked if I’d write up a little something for her first Spotlight Sunday! So excited (and HUGELY honored) to be here! Courtney’s my bff and a really super cool crafter!

So, yes. I’m a Mrs. Le Hubby & I just passed our 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, & 1 day-iversary.

This is me:

And this is him (isn’t he adorable?):

And this is us:

We are the happy parents of a 17 month old orange tabby cat, Link. He’s our first of many (haha) ‘ginger kids’.

I started seriously doing art projects, remodeling a few things, and cooking more adventurously in the kitchen the past year or so after I got a place of my own and even more after I got married. I had just graduated from college with a degree in psychology and found myself unable to get a good job in our city without having my Master’s yet. I needed an outlet. And I needed to be in control of SOMETHING/ANYTHING, so I started changing a few things around the house. I started a blog to vent and eventually fell upon a few crafters’ blogs that I just fell in love with.

After we got married, the desire to ‘grow a home’ and create things grew even more. I love being in charge of a home and watching it grow into what we envision it to be. Although I would love to continue school and eventually possibly be a practicing therapist, I’m truly aspiring to join that incredible group of SAHM’s one day. But right now our home, my projects, & my blog are definitely not my full time job, so I’m not super great at posting all the things I actually do. Things I have shared include:

How incredible my hubby is.

My Savior.

Baking up some yummy honey homemade bread with my favorite kitchen helper.

And remodeling an old desk chair I got as a STEAL in a garage sale

And here’s a sneak peak of something I just finished that I can’t post about until it’s been ‘gifted’ to a friend of mine.

Well, that’s about it! Thanks Courtney! And I hope to see you guys over at Mrs. Lavespere! Happy Sunday!

Don't forget to show Nichole some love! Visit her blog and leave her some comments :)

Would you like to be featured for next week's Spotlight Sunday? Leave a comment below and someone will be randomly chosen to be spotlighted :)


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