Thursday, August 26, 2010

Designing Your Own Blog Signature

So most bloggers out there already know how to do this but I had to find out at some point so I figure there's others out there who would like to know how to make their own signature. That's what shows up at the bottom of every post. Mine says "Courtney" with a faint green flower.

This tutorial shows how to create it using Photoshop (CS3 in my case). I'll also give you a link to a blog with instructions on how to add it to your HTML.

FYI- my pictures turned out really blurry for some reason but they give you a gist of the idea.

First create a blank canvas in Photoshop. I made my width 200 pixels and my height 100 pixels. That tends to be a good size. Make sure the background is transparent. That allows you to post it on any background and it blends right in.

Now, just add your text. I offcentered mine a little to add the flower.

When you get finished, you may have to rasterize the text afterwards. This basically changes the stuff into pixels... Fancy computer talk. It's fine and you can still use the move function to change the position.

You can add whatever you want. I have these brushes that paint flowers so I added one to mine... (it's really hard to see).

Save the file when you are finished. You'll have to upload it to somewhere like Photobucket to finish the rest.

I learned how to do this from See the full tutorial that shows how to post it to your blog HERE. She explains it a whole lot better than I could!

Hope everyone is having a great week :)


Sandy Ang said...

This looks so cool ! I wish I was good with the computer like you.

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for stopping by Sassy Sites and joining in on the party! Your blog is adorable! Happy Friday to YOU!! :)

Valery said...

HI there just stopping by from the Boost my blog Friday stop by and say Hi and tell me why your smiling this Friday. I have always wanted to know how to do that.Thank you

Emily said...

OOO! I have been looking for a way to do this! Thanks for this post. I saw you on Sassy Sites!

Sketches by Mary said...

Aha, now I'm gonna have to try this! :)

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