Friday, May 14, 2010

MY First Quilt!

Ok so I've made a few quilts in my time but nothing ever for myself. I made one for my boyfriend a few years ago but there was no sewing of a top piece. Just binding a top and bottom. I hand stitched that one (NEVER AGAIN!!). I've made some small lap blankets for veterans but nothing this big. I'm soo excited though! I used the fabric I won from blueberrymoon a few months ago and some remnants from Hobby Lobby. The orange backing I got really cheap from a garage sale. I got the quilt idea from Obsessively Stitching. I started Monday and have been working on and off until today. I did all of the binding and finishing today. So without further ado.... MY first quilt :)

The pieces spread out before I started assembling it.

The finished quilt top :)

The back... really massive!
The finished quilt. A little bumpy in places but I absolutely LOVE it! It' random and that's just how I am.

A close up of the fabrics.

A close up of the back fabric.

Yay! Now I have a new blanket to sleep with! I've always wanted my own quilt. My dad has even made requests for one of his own. With duller more manly colors of course. I'll have to give my hands and arms a break though because they are quite angry with me :) Hope you enjoy! If anyone one else has any quilts they would like to show off, just post a link in your comment.


blueberrymoon said...

SuperFantastical!!!! I love it. Great use of fabric. I am so proud to be an "oh so very small" part of this wonderful creation.
Congrats!!!! Now your hooked like the rest of us!
p.s thanks for the welcome back.I got lost in life for a while.

The Sassy Crafter said...

wow! Good job! and is just your first quilt? I have to speed up and make one too!!!! hehe

Courtney said...

It was my first big "real" quilt! I was so excited! It only took me a few days to do it too. I've slept with it every night since. It's gotten really soft and is sooo comfortable!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What fun fabrics you used! Such a cute quilt.

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