Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wrist Corsage

Dear Summer,
School is a beast. I'm ready for a few weeks of break (even if I have summer classes after that). But don't get too hot. I'm enjoying this cool weather Spring has brought us.



I am so ready for this semester to be over. I'm in OB nursing and microbiology. I'm doing ok in my nursing classes and surprisingly well in biology. Today is my last day of lecture in nursing. Then test, test, test next week. I have my last lecture day of biology next week too and my last tests in there. Then the Monday after that... FINALS! Then I'm done! I can't wait!

So this weekend my brother is going to his one and only senior prom. He's growing up so fast... So this past Sunday, my mom and I experimented with making his date a wrist corsage. We made it out of fake flowers because we figured she would want to keep it. Well my brother and several other kids his age said the girl would probably want real flowers so my mom just ordered some instead. But all is not lost! I plan on removing the flower from the bracelet and attaching a hair pin to make a hair flower. So here it is...

We bought everything at our Micheal's Store. We broke apart the flower. We glued in blue feathers between the bottom and middle layer. Then glued white feathers between the middle and top layer. Using jewelry string, I affixed the pearl to the center of a silver circle accessory we found and weaved in the blue Swarovski crystals around the pearl. That was glued to the center of the flower and the whole thing to a blank silver bracelet. It still is going to make a cute hair accessory though!


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