Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sara's Senior Photos

A few weeks ago, I took some senior pictures of this girl from my church. Here's a few of the pictures I liked. Some are the same picture, just edited differently...

This is one of my favorites!

I thought this one turned out pretty neat.

This one's got an older picture filter.

Enhanced the blue tones for this one to bring out her eyes and ring.

Same picture but made everything black and white but the blue

Enhanced the colors on this one

I had so much fun taking these! Black and White Sepia filter.

Sepia- I really liked how this one turned out...

I really enjoy taking pictures! Later this week I'll be taking my brother's senior pictures (he's growing up so fast!). There's also this girl at my church who would be perfect for some "fashion" photo shoots. (Ok, maybe I've just got my America's Next Top Model kick in... I love that show!) I hope everyone's week is going well!


blueberrymoon said...

Great pics!!!! I love "real" pictures, for senior pics. We still laugh at my oldest sons studio senior pics. Oh, man yours are sooo much better!!!

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